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 What is VTM: The Final Nights?

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PostSubject: What is VTM: The Final Nights?   What is VTM: The Final Nights? I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 07, 2010 10:55 am

What is VTM: The Final Nights? 110mb1u

One of the first things you may notice in the title is that the "B" is missing from VTMB, this is not an accident. The Final Nights is an expansion to an otherwise flawless video game built upon the success of the Camarilla Edition series of mods. The "B" has been removed because this expansion can no longer bare the name Bloodlines as it is so far removed from the original game as to warrant the name change. The idea behind this expansion is, and always will be the notion of a completely new experience unlike we've seen so far.

With 7 completely brand new clans, 5 new disciplines, extra quests, re-written dialogue for the new clans, new music and modified maps, the features seem endless. All of this is being built upon the Camarilla Edition series incorporating such things as the blood timer system, pedestrian blood dolls, and the new combat system. Combined we feel the name Bloodlines must be removed from this game, and thus we now simply have "The Final Nights".

Below are some of the features of VTM: The Final Nights 1.0. (All features are subject to change)

All features included in Camarilla Edition Ver. 1.2

7 Brand New Clans
Assamite - Vizier caste, Scholars and Artists, Diablerists
Baali - Evil demon worshippers, corrupters of souls
Followers of Set - Usurpers, use serpent charms
Ishtarri - African clan of gluttons, information gatherers
Osebo - Violent warriors of Laibon, quick to frenzy
Salubri - Noble healers and warriors of the righteous
Samedi - Rotting, stinking undead, good assassins

5 Brand New Disciplines
Daimoinon - Discipline of devil worship which specializes in the corrupting of souls and infernal combat
Obeah - Healing for both body and soul, greater control of the beast and other various effects
Quietus - Grants influence over the blood of others, Assassin based discipline known by the Assamites
Serpentis - The Setites core discipline, can use to charm others and take the form of their god Set
Thanatosis - A truly disturbing discipline which involves manipulating effects of death and decomposition

All Brand New PC Model skins
More to come on this...

Brand New NPCs
- Akeem the Assamite Vizier
Meet Akeem the Assamite Vizier who's come to LA seeking certain relics of interest. This 400 year old Kindred can be a friend or foe depending on how you address him. He is one of the Research Book sellers, will tell you all about the 7 new TFN clans in detail, and will even give you Side Quests to expand your adventure. He is fully interactive in every way including brand new dialogue and voice files designed and spoken by our Writer/Voice Actor 'Scarecrow'.
More to come on this...

Enhanced/Brand New Quests
- Inquisitors know too much
This is a brand new quest given to the player by Akeem and involves Hunters in downtown LA.
- Hot Stripper Assassin Action
This quest has been remade in that now Chastity is the leader of a small squad of hunters.
- Society for the Preservation of Professors
This quest has been remade in that Grunfeld Bach has additional support in final battle.
- Poster Quest
The Poster Quest from Wesp's Unofficial Patches has been removed.
- Potential to earn more XP than before
More to come on this...

Stealth has been revamped and is now much harder and realistic. We have received alot of complaints at how easy the Stealth skill is to use and how you can hide right in front of enemies at a low level, so we adjusted the levels making it much more realistic. No longer can you hide in plain sight at level 4, now you must stick to the shadows.

- Murder will drop your Humanity to a minimum of 3
- You can lose Humanity for acts such as threatening, stealing, corrupting, and many other vile deeds
- Those with low Humanity will succumb to frenzy much faster than before

Bartering System
The bartering system and research books are being handled differently in TFN. Research books are no longer found, but purchased instead. The bartering skill has been completely revamped making it a very viable option to build your character around, and purchase unlimited research books using money and your bartering skill. No longer is barter a waste of XP and no longer will you find yourself heading straight for the research books right at the beginning of the game which seems to break immersion of roleplaying. You will now find research books sellable by new fully voiced and interactive NPCs scattered throughout the main zones, created specifically for TFN.

New opening cut scenes
The entire opening scene has been changed to fit the new clans. All of the player models have been taken from the crowd and LaCroix now has personal henchmen doing his dirty work. Some minor voice work and lip movements of LaCroix will need to be changed as well.

More to come on this...

- Society of Leopold Hunters are much tougher, with better weapons, tactics, and the use of Numina
- Masquerade Violation Level 1 summons hunters
- Female and Average hunters have been reskinned

Re-written Dialogue
More to come on this...

Bug Fixes left over from CE 1.2
- Fixed misspelling of Fortitude description
- Fixed camera view buttons to make more sense
- Fixed unclear description of Tawni Quest
- Fixed Skelter's eyes, should've been Gangrel
More to come on this...

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What is VTM: The Final Nights?
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