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 Clan Strengths

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PostSubject: Clan Strengths   Clan Strengths I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 22, 2010 8:22 pm

From the look of things, the new clans strengths is pretty well defined, except for two clans.

The Assamites and the Salubris.

The Assamites possess Quietus, an new discipline. The first 3 levels of quietus can be used by any character build(melee, unarmed or gun user). The 4th and 5th level of the discipline are mainly Melee oriented. It would then, be an ok char to use melee weapons. But the assamites also posses Celerity and Auspex. While celerity can be used with melee, it really shines in a gun user build. Also, the Auspex hability is only used to it's full extent in an gun user character.
So, unless i'm mistaken, the assamites will become a good all-around between melee and firearms, but not really focusing on one over the other does not allow the maximum damage and character power to be achieved. Am i the only one bothered by this? Still, zero mentioned somewhere that he removed the True Brujah to put assamites in order to lower the usage of Auspex. So how come Assamites still have auspex?

The salubris have the same problem. The Obeah level 5 gives bonus to Unarmed and melee, but they have auspex, in which i already commented upon, and fortitude. Now, fortitude is good for any clan, but somehow i think melees need it the most. Plus Obeah gives health regeneration, which i believe is more crucial to melee and unarmed fighters than to firearms. So all in all, Salubris would be like assamites, good melee fighters but unable to use their auspex to 100%

I know that you guys are following the discipline set from the PnP, so i understand. But some of the effects of the modded disciplines could be changed to better fit the characters strengths. I'm not requesting anything, because i know that doing such is not easy. The assamites are awesome melee fighters, but the auspex is not used to it's full extent. The salubris discipline kinda make either auspex not be 100% used, or fortitude not be 100% used.

Or i'm just overthinking here and having a char who has at least some skills in other combat area is what's been tried to be done here? lol

PS. The Samedi are fucking awesome
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Clan Strengths
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