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 Camarilla Edition Series Information

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PostSubject: Camarilla Edition Series Information   Wed Apr 07, 2010 10:39 am

VTMB: Camarilla Edition is an Expansion Overhaul that completely changes the game mechanics and
how we approach the game of Bloodlines. After playing through Bloodlines over 10 times the replay
value has decreased, and we started thinking of ways to improve the game to make it much more realistic.
I have long since been a fan of Bethesda's Open Ended Sandbox games so that is the feel I wanted to
bring to Bloodlines.

One of the biggest problems with Bloodlines is that you never get the sense of BEING a Vampire. I mean
you have powers and you drink blood, but only to fuel those powers most of which are extremely short
lived. Not only that but I have never dropped below a humanity of 10 because I was never in danger of
going hungry. So what we did was completely overhaul how everything from Feeding and Regeneration,
to Bloodpool and Disciplines work, giving you a completely new experience to Bloodlines unlike anything
you've played in the past.

For more information on CE click here

Download CE Ver. 1.3

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Camarilla Edition Series Information
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