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 The Final Nights Official Forum Ranking System

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PostSubject: The Final Nights Official Forum Ranking System   Mon Jul 19, 2010 8:48 pm

We have taken it upon ourselves now that we've grown considerably to incorporate a ranking system for our members. Each member will be given a Kindred rank according to the amount of posts they've made. The higher the activity, the higher the member will be ranked. See below for the ranking order.

Kindred Ranking Order
Fledgling - 0-19 Posts
Neonate - 20-49 Posts
Ancillae - 50-99 Posts
Elder - 100-249 Posts
Methuselah - 250-499 Posts
Antediluvian - 500-599 Posts
Caine's Progeny - 1000-1999 Posts
Caine - 2000+ Posts

The ranking system is meant to easily identify the more active and helpful members, and should be a sign of respect from the younger members. Those of you who feel a ranking system is silly is free to ignore them, we just like having it for a bit of flavor. Smile
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The Final Nights Official Forum Ranking System
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