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 The Final Nights List of Playable Clans

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PostSubject: The Final Nights List of Playable Clans   The Final Nights List of Playable Clans I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 13, 2010 6:31 pm

Here is the list of the new playable clans in The Final Nights. These 7 clans will replace the original Camarilla clans from vanilla Bloodlines. If you have any questions about these new clans, feel free to ask us in the "Questions" section of this forum. Enjoy!

The Final Nights List of Playable Clans 10y28es
Based in the Middle East, the Assamites are traditionally seen by Western Kindred as dangerous assassins and diablerists, but in truth they are warriors, guardians, and scholars who seek to distance themselves from the Jyhad. Throughout their history, they have remained self-sufficient and independent. History shows this bloodline as loosely united, until Ur-Shulgi, the eldest clan member and 4th generation Vampire would declare that all would renounce religious freedom, and begin worshipping their Antediluvian, Haqim. This caused the Schism, or break-up within the clan forming three seperate castes. Your caste are known as the Viziers and make up the smallest part of the clan. They are scholars, artisans, and librarians who seek above all else the devotion to their craft, which is also their weakness.

Nickname: Assassins

Disciplines: Auspex, Celerity, Quietus

Merits: Assamite Viziers will devote their undead lives to a chosen talent, skill, or knowledge - and will greatly excel in that field.

Flaws: The Viziers chosen field will become their obsession, and though they will excel in that field, other fields will fall to the way side. In addition to this weakness, a blood curse bestowed by the Tremere ages ago, force an overwhelming need to commit Diablerie making Humanity extremely important.

The Final Nights List of Playable Clans 2w74qi0
Cold, cruel, callous, and utterly evil, the Baali are the "boogie-men" other kindred tell their childer about to scare them. The line originated in Mesopotamia and is generally thought to have been eradicated centuries ago by a coalition of the other clans who couldn't stomach the Baalis' depraved practices. Baali are devil worshippers and only embrace the most intelligent, driven, and callous of kine. They are not senseless killers, rather they are the gentle corrupter who tempts mankind. They nurture friendships with kindred and kine alike, often going out of their way to help others. They commit selfless deeds, shy away from brutality, and advocate peace, but all with the goal of eventual corruption.

Nickname: Demons

Disciplines: Daimoinon, Obfuscate, Presence

Merits: Genius comes natural to the Baali clan granting them a +1 bonus to Intelligence.

Flaws: Due to their black hearts, members of the Baali clan suffer a -2 penalty to Humanity and cannot raise it past 8.

The Final Nights List of Playable Clans 24vmct5
Claimed to be descended from the dark god Set, the Setites see themselves as having a divine mandate to revive their Antediluvian in order to create an era of "paradise" for all kindred alike. Originating in ancient Egypt, the Setites avoid the political Jyhad and are set on furthering their goals in any way possible without drawing attention to themselves. These Serpents are known as the keepers of secrets and tend to know anything anyone needs to know, or can find it for them - for a price. Many vampires warn each other never to trust a Setite as some do not realize the danger until it's too late.

Nickname: Serpents

Disciplines: Obfuscate, Presence, Serpentis

Merits: The Followers of Set glide through social interactions like snakes do through tall grass granting them a +1 to Persuasion.

Flaws: These creatures of the most ancient darkness have a severe allergy to light for a -1 penalty to all soak feats.

The Final Nights List of Playable Clans Rvdbq1
The Ishtarri are an African based bloodline inside the Laibon legacy however they are not native to Africa. Claimed to be descended from the Babylonian goddess Ishtar, through manipulation and diplomacy they have become an important part of Laibon culture. Most Ishtarri seem to specialize in information; they consider spying an essential pastime, and ususally have many valuable contacts to exploit as needed. Known as lazy gluttons no Laibon group is more infactuated by mortals more so than the Ishtarri. Their need to revel in a specific vice comes before anything else and tend to embrace mortals that fill that need. Many see this bloodline as unmotivated and complacent however those who underestimate the Ishtarri quickly regret it.

Nickname: Gluttons

Disciplines: Celerity, Fortitude, Presence

Merits: The beautiful are a common target for Ishtarri embraces granting them a +1 to Appearance.

Flaws: Self indulgence of a particular addiction comes before all else and if those needs aren't met, the Beast can easily take over.

The Final Nights List of Playable Clans 29cosxe
The warriors of the Laibon, the Osebo take their name from the famous leopard of West Ashanti legend. Although a proud clan they depend on other Kindred as a focus for their energies. Left to their own devices, the Osebo are known for indulging the Beast and causing massive amounts of mayhem among the mortal population; kidnapping and murder are the usual pastimes of the patronless Osebo. Indeed, the Osebo seem to have a hard time controlling themselves, and they often thrive in domains where a strong authority exists, as it serves to keep them in line. The Osebo tend to be attracted to mortals who are salt-of-the-earth types, although many Osebo were Embraced on a whim or were the victim of the Osebo's cradle-robbing habits.

Nickname: The Pride

Disciplines: Auspex, Celerity, Potence

Merits: Due to their strong physical bodies the Osebo gain a +1 to Strength.

Flaws: Self control is always a problem with the Osebo clan so their violent nature nets them a -2 penalty on all frenzy checks.

The Final Nights List of Playable Clans 2mcylj4
The Salubri are little-known to Kindred, ostracized and hunted to near-extinction due to the dedicated slander campaigns against them by the Tremere. This campaign was started to cover that their clan founder, Tremere, actually diablerized the Salubri's clan founder, Saulot, to form the Tremere clan. The Salubri name comes from the word salubrious, meaning "Very Healthy". This is because of the clan's hallmark ability of healing called Obeah. They are physically marked by their possession of a third eye in the center of their foreheads which, when closed, resembles a thin scar. When the Salubri use their healing powers, the eye opens, looking detached and serene.

Nickname: Unicorns

Disciplines: Auspex, Fortitude, Obeah

Merits: Like Saulot, the Salubri are always searching for Golconda, which means to master the beast within, because of this they receive a +2 bonus vs. frenzy. Also a newly embraced Salubri is made to diablerize their sire upon creation granting a +1 experience bonus whenever 3 experience or more is gained.

Flaws: The noble Salubri can only gain sustenance from blood that is "willfully given". Blood not offered willingly will not completely satisfy Salubri and the third eye makes it harder to blend in with normal society so Appearance will cost more experience to raise.

The Final Nights List of Playable Clans Xbg16q
The Samedi bloodline have a relatively short but very curious history within Kindred society. Originating most likely in the Caribbean, the bloodline's members all seem to resemble a zombie or corpse. Unlike the Nosferatu, who merely become disfigured, the body of the Samedi appears to be in a constant state of decay. Social interactions often fail miserably, as do attemps to integrate into mortal society. Rotting chunks of flesh fall off of their bodies with increasing frequency as they age, and the smell of death clings to them wherever they roam. The Samedi often serve as assassins, working for both the Camarilla and the Sabbat. The founder of the bloodline is known only as "The Baron" though very little is known about him. Most progeny are picked from mortals obsessed with death and dying. Those who worked in the mortuary field during their mortal lives appear to be very common.

Nickname: Zombies

Disciplines: Fortitude, Obfuscate, Thanatosis

Merits: Samedi appear as corpses in an advanced stage of decomposition and because of this grants a +1 to Intimidate.

Flaws: Because the Samedi look like walking cadavers, Seduction cannot be raised past 0 and being seen by mortals is an instant Masquerade violation.

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The Final Nights List of Playable Clans
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