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 TFN's Release Schedule

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PostSubject: TFN's Release Schedule   TFN's Release Schedule I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 21, 2010 6:41 am

Someone had asked where they could download TFN and that got me thinking to post this message for everyone wondering the same thing. Up until now TFN’s release has remained a mystery but as we continue writing, drawing, and encoding new content I thought it would be nice to post some sort of tentative schedule that fans could follow. So here it is, our schedule roughly planned out.

We just started developing this expansion back in March (2010) building on the success of CE 1.2. We hope to have something playable by late summer/early fall, depending on how quickly we can get it written. The plan goes something like this…

(Late Summer/Early Fall) Get TFN 1.0 released to the public so they have something to play
(Late Summer/Early Fall) Fix any bugs that we didn’t find during Beta Testing, and release TFN 1.1
(Unknown, maybe Winter) Continue working on TFN implementing ideas that didn’t make the first cut
(Unknown, maybe Winter) Release TFN 2.0
(Unknown) Release TFN 2.1 w/ bug fixes

I do know our first release of TFN will not have Histories included. This idea was decided from the beginning, because we’re making so many time consuming radical changes in its initial release, anything that we can hold off on that isn’t essential will wait for the second full release, such as histories. We are brimming with ideas and it’s a matter of figuring out time vs. benefit on whether or not it makes it into the initial release.

Any idea that isn’t absolutely essential will wait for the second full release, but trust me there will be plenty of new content to play in TFN 1.0. And know after 1.0s release we will still be working on future versions with additional content. We plan on TFN being around for quite some time.
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TFN's Release Schedule
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