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 Self-Control, Courage, Concience and Will-Power

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Self-Control, Courage, Concience and Will-Power Empty
PostSubject: Self-Control, Courage, Concience and Will-Power   Self-Control, Courage, Concience and Will-Power I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 03, 2010 2:09 pm

I was wondering a few things, that could be done in TFN... guess you like:

-Sel-Control: create the "ability" in the sheet, so when you get out of blood , this will be row instead of humanity...
-Courage: you can create this thing in the sheet, when you get too much damage, roll this to enter frenzy...
-Concience: Another creation in the sheet... roll this everytime you do something that would lead you to humaniy fall... like the pnp game... so the game would get more realistic...
-Will-Power: I guess this could be done like an discipline... when you use it, you get a +1 to all atritubes (in the PNP game, you get 1 automatic succes for every action in the scene).

I was thinking of these ideas, because there will be more quests right? so you get more exp, then you will have more things to spend on these xp, so the vampire don't get like an ender or matselah in the end of the game... I could explain everthing I said, just ask, what I write here is just an preview of these things... but I guess it could work on TFN.

and keep up the good work TFN team Smile
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Self-Control, Courage, Concience and Will-Power
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